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"There are times I wake up in the middle of the night just to remove my clothes if I'm not wearing a lingerie. I'm not used to sleeping with pyjamas. It gets so hot at night it wakes me up. Just thought you ought to know. Another thing about me is...
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I like pulling my legs to my chest and my arms wrapped around them. I also like resting my head on my knees when I'm listening to someone talking or when I'm watching a movie I really like. This is me.
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Some people compare me to Snow White because of my pale white skin, my red kissable lips, and my black hair. I may look like her but I promise that I'm not daft as a brush like her. Anyway, who among here agrees that I'm similar to Snow White?
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Maybe this time, I'll finally have a great conversation with a lad who understands me. That is if he has the courage to send me a sweet yet spicy message instead of masturbating at the thought of me. ;-)
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I know that I may not look like the kind of lady who does deepthroat or maybe the lady who rides on top of a man like a professional rider. But I assure you that I'm not what I look like. I am actually excellent in bed and I promise that you won't be...
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Let me get this out of the way first. I am a picky person who has high standards. My father is my role model when it comes to guys. I don't want to be with someone who doesn't need to know how to treat a woman right. The essence of being a man is not...
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Leaving the past behind and on the stage of moving on from a recent divorce. It wasn't me. It's my best friend and her husband. Why am I so affected? Let me tell you, I liked the bloke. Oh, that's incorrect. I "like" him, but he had to leave. To forg...
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I may not have an hour-glass type of body nor a perfectly sculpted face but still, I promise that you'll be 100% contented with me. For starters, I have hidden skills and talent in making any man feel the ultimate kinds of pleasure before he cums.
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I am an outspoken lady who loves to keep things simple and avoid all the complicated stuff as much as I can. I am not here for anything serious like love or whatnots. I only want to have a reliable man who can lend me his cock when I'm feeling down.
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I am a pretty lass with a beauty incomparable to others. Aside from my alluring body, I also have a captivating pair of beautiful eyes. One look at my lips is enough to see that they are tasty and soft. No man can possibly resist fantasizing about me...
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I am completely mental when it comes to the things I do for my pleasure. I am the type of woman who only cares about my own happiness. I will not let a man ruin it for me, especially in the bedroom. I will not let my man cum unless he makes me cum ov...
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