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FlawlessFelicity from Gloucestershire,United Kingdomradio_button_checked
It has always been my dream to have a passionate romance on a cold winter night. The warmth of a man's breath on my skin and the heat from his heavily...
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I was once pursued by a man older than me. He's handsome and has a good career with a posh car. If I liked him, I would say he's every woman's dream. ...
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Life is not all about late-night parties or memorable one-night-stands. There's more to life than random hookups and nightly blackouts. I know this, b...
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I've been trying new dishes in different restaurants. They're all scrummy, but if there's food my tastebud wants to have it again and again, it would ...
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I have unquenchable appetite for sex. I adore and worship a man's chest and legs; they're the sexiest apart from the most delicious exotic food they h...
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I recently separated from my husband, our relationship just wasn't working out anymore despite the two decades we've been together. It felt like a wei...
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I’m the kind of lass who cares a lot about my figure, so I always exercise a lot. But every now and then, I go against the rules that I make when it...
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Just because I'm already in my 40's doesn't mean I've forgotten how to ride a joystick. On the contrary, I have gotten better at it over time. So let ...
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My life is not as dull as ditchwater, but it is on its way to becoming one. I am slowly getting tired and sick of living the same routine over and ove...
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I have always been the enthusiastic one, literally up for anything. My motto is to live fast and die young, cliche I know, but I really love living li...
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My father used to bring me along every time he goes hiking and hunting. Just imagine the thrill I get from such experience. Too bad, it has been too l...
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Here's the thing about me, I would rather spend my time flirting around with any lad I like than to be committed and tied to one person. If you are ju...
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Playing sports - volleyball, badminton, and table tennis. Nothing can separate these three. I like them all. I've also tried playing baseball when I w...
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